Beth worked tirelessly to help create a website for my home beauty salon and I am thrilled with the results. Nothing was too much trouble for her and her passion for what she does really shows in her work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beth and her prices are really reasonable. Thank you xx
Beautifulea, Bingham


Passion really shows!

Beth has helped us out with some fantastic changes with her wonderful, calm and organised style and friendly approach. I never knew project management could be done quite like that!
Sarah, Nottingham

Calm & Organised style..

Thanks soooooo much to The Home PA; 2 hours you spent here but you’ve made me feel like I’ve got a handle on the ever growing mounds of paperwork that a housemove, house renovations, new baby and toddler bring. At least I now have control over that part of my life; you don’t have a magic fix for terrible twos, teething 6 month olds, and the plethora of walls that I need to paint, do you? Thanks again xxx
Cotgrave, Nottingham

Thanks soooo much!!


“I found The Home PA just at the right time. I had an 19 month old toddler and was expecting my second child in three months time. I had a long list of tasks to do around the house to get ready for our new arrival. Nothing huge, but a long list of small jobs, nonetheless. But I just couldn’t get motivated to get started with any of it – there seemed to be no time in between running around after my very active toddler and being back at work.
Then a good friend recommended The Home PA – and she was a real godsend! I outlined the many little tasks that needed doing – and within days she’d replied with a thorough schedule of quote visits for all the jobs in the following weeks, with a handy reminder text the night before each one too!
Nothing seemed too much trouble – and her knowledge of trusted and reputable contacts was invaluable. Most of the jobs are planned in now, thankfully, so we’ll be ready for baby with plenty of time to spare. The whole process was all very stress-free and so efficient, I wish I’d done it sooner!
I’m positive without The Home PA’s help, I’d still be here, with my to-do list growing and getting none of it done! Honestly can’t thank her enough…”

Edwalton, Nottingham

A real godsend!

Beth has helped me with quite a few tasks over the last few months, we have worked on the quoting process allowing me to speed up my quoting turnaround which saves me hours every week, allowing me more time on site!
She has also worked on scoping out and helping to create my website, i have wanted a website for many years but having this support in planning and creating this has been so helpful and i couldn’t be happier with the result.
We look forward to working with The Home PA again soon on our next project!
Michael Grice, Grice Construction, Nottingham

Couldn’t be happier!