What do you do…?

Since starting ‘The Home PA’ I am asked regularly ‘So, what do you do?’ this gets me thinking does my name really truly explain what I do, maybe not, so thought I would write a short blog on the most frequent jobs I do as The Home PA to truly explain what it is that I do, so here goes;

I work with Homes and Businesses, more so with Businesses currently so I’ve split out the tasks most regularly done for each.


Helping save money in the home – I spend a lot of time researching all sorts of items for homes, whether this be the need to change to a cheaper gas & electricity provider or find the best deal for a new mobile phone contract. I gather all the information together and present it back to clients who can then make the decision on what to do.

Organisation of Home Life – I will go into homes, listen to areas of their life they wish to have more organisation and control with and then recommend time saving tips and create processes within the home to save time daily.IMG_5786

Room/Cupboard Clearing & Organisation –  I organise and clear out rooms to help create a space which is easy to use and keep tidy and organised.

Selling Items – I sell higher price items on eBay and specialist stores (dependant on the item) for clients to ensure they get a good price without the hassle.


General Admin – I work for many small businesses helping them keep on top of all those admin jobs which take up so much precious times, this may be checking off payments, posting on social media, taking bookings, replying to emails, creating databases, the list goes on and on so taking these tasks away from clients helps them save loads of time!13321999_770744016362132_5424931499856348114_n

Event Planning & Organisation – Any event can take up so much time to plan, I work from the start to the end of an event with clients from creating/sending invites all the way up to attending and managing the event on the day. Taking care of all items involved ensure clients can focus on other important items enabling them to attend the event without the stress.

Business Improvements & Business Organisation –  Businesses often ask for me to help them to get organised when they feel are just so busy they just cant do everything that needs doing! Using my experience of working with business on process improvement from my years as a Project Manager I work with businesses to identify what needs tackling and then will take on as many tasks as possible to get everything organised, ensuring all admin is up to date and then we will work out how certain areas of work are running and whether any improvements can be made to streamline work processes in the future. I suggest and help implement these processes to ensure businesses are working efficiently to save them time day after day.

blur-1868034_1920Website development & maintenance – I work with clients to keep their website up to date. This may be as simple as a new price list for products or a complete refresh.

These are some of the most popular items I help with but there are many more that I haven’t listed. With time the variety grows and grows which is so interesting!

I look forward to working with more homes and businesses in the future to make every day more organised and to give everyone a little more time back!




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