Organised Calm


Does organisation really make life easier, Ben Franklin once said ‘For ever minute spent in organising, an hour is earned’ sounds pretty good to me and well worth that bit of extra time to save hours of wasted effort and time!

I had a think about this quote and came up with some tips of how I believe a bit of organisation can save you precious time in the long run and hopefully make life a little less stressful… so here we go!!

1. Lists – First one is pretty simple, just write a list of all the jobs you have to do, this does a great job at making jobs seems achievable rather than a jumble of tasks whizzing through your head. On top of this the satisfaction of ticking jobs off you list is always a winner.

2. Post – When your post comes through the door instantly filter all the junk out that you know you don’t need and immediately put it in the recycling bin. Im not suggesting chuck all your post but if there are flyers or junk mail you know you don’t need or aren’t relevant then just get rid straight away. This will make that bill old pile of post that builds up around the house get smaller and easier to manage.

3. Pre-Planning – Is there anything I can do now (whilst I have 5 minutes spare) that’s going to help me tomorrow (when I know im going to be manically busy). For example this can be as simple as getting school bags ready by the door if you have kids, or laying out clothes for the next day for yourself or putting gym bag in the car. Sounds so simple but if things are by the door then it saves a few minutes dashing around in the morning.

4. Post It Notes – Its always handy to have post It notes around, when I think of something I need to do I will often pop it on a post it note and stick it somewhere so visible that I see regularly and don’t forgot. I also leave these around for my husband to give him a few jobs (he obviously loves this, haha!)

5. Laundry – Get 2 or 3 laundry bags and separate dirty washing into whites and colours so that when you are ready to do a wash just grab the bag and its all ready to go in the wash. Simple and saves sorting through dirty washing!65217efb7041e29951504db88e830ea5

6. Bedding – If you have several sets of beddings stored in a cupboard then you will know that its sometimes hard to find all the pillow cases, sheets, covers for each bed set. A simple tip is to store each matching set folded up within one of the pillow cases, then you can just grab the one pillow case containing the full set that you need.

7. Returning Items – This is very simple but I know hard to do, but it does save time. When you’ve used an item just return it to where it should usually live. So if used your hairbrush return it to the bathroom, if you have used the sellotape then return it to the horrendous messy bits and bobs drawer that everyone owns, and so on. Everything should be where you think it is when you need it!

8. Sorting – It’s great to have a good old sort of a cupboard or drawer every now and then but don’t ever set yourself too big a challenge at one time. I will often just do one drawer at a time and then maybe leave the next one to another day. The thought of sorting every drawer and cupboard is so massive that it will put you off even starting, so just start with one place and go from there.

9. Useful or Lovely – As William Morris once said ‘Have nothing in your house you don’t know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. Its such a good tip, don’t need it, don’t love it, then why do you have it? By removing what you don’t want will ensure the things you need and love are more visible.7fd23d8568222838c0d728f37fc42d2d

10. Have storage boxes for shoes/hats/gloves – In my hallway I now have storage boxes that each contain shoes, hats, gloves etc. This has been so useful as everything is always easy to find and also everyone knows where to put these things away so its saves time and looks tidy, double win!!!

I realise many of these are obvious but hopefully 1 or 2 of these tips will maybe be of some use and save you a little bit of time!

Beth x

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